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Saam Acupuncture Resources

Toby Daly and Kristin Wisgirda

Saam is a Korean tradition of acupuncture created 400 years ago by wandering monks.

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Shang Han Lun in Clinic: Didactic Course

with Nadine Zäch

As one’s training in classical Chinese medicine develops, pulse can become more and more of a Rosetta stone for honing diagnosis into the final formula choice.  This process involves gathering information through questions, observation and palpation and then processing that information in such a way that supports the articulation of a clear diagnosis. 

(36 Herbal CEUs)

Introduction to the Great Turning

with Sharon Weizenbaum

This video is the recording of the first class of the two-year White Pine Graduate Mentorship Program. This covers our orientation in time and space as practitioners.

(3 Herbal CEUs)