Live Interactive Courses

Deep learning, close guidance and meaningful feedback are what distinguish our Live Interactive Courses. These courses are offered periodically and in some cases with an in-person element.

Graduate Mentorship Program with Sharon Weizenbaum

2.5 Year Program Beginning in May of 2023

Join us for the Graduate Mentorship Program, taught by Sharon Weizenbaum, for those students and practitioners who have completed or are soon to complete foundational Chinese herbal training. During the program, students become involved in a community of practitioners and receive steady contact and in-depth involvement with the material and resources.

Saam Acupuncture: Deconstructing Point Combinations with Toby Daly

5 Week Course Beginning on March 23, 2023

In this class we will move beyond the standard four-point combinations and begin to explore the use of deconstructed point combinations in the Saam tradition. We will identify clinical situations for modifying point combinations to match patient presentations more exactly. We will then explore the strategies the Saam tradition employs for points along the Ren and Du Mai trajectories.

Core Training in Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine for Post-Stroke Care with Claudia Citkovitz

15 Hour Course Beginning on February 17

With our unique practical skills and theoretical framework, acupuncturists can be of extraordinary benefit to patients at any stage of stroke survival, even years later – and also in preventive care, identifying and addressing constitutional and biomedical risk factors. Too often, school courses and research protocols jump to treating scalp and body points for motor impairment after stroke, barely scratching the surface of the medicine’s capabilities.

Using Acupuncture to Support Neuro-diverse Children with Rebecca Avern

6 Hour Course Beginning April 18

Acupuncture is a fantastic method of supporting these young people.  It can address specific physical or mental-emotional difficulties, help them to feel more comfortable in their own skin and ease the intense emotions that may arise as a result of living in a world which is not really geared towards their needs.
During the course, we will look at the specific patterns of imbalance that often crop up in neurodiverse children and teens, effective treatment strategies, useful non-needle techniques and specific patient management strategies for this demographic.  You will gain the confidence and skills to be able to start offering much-needed support to these young people now.  

Plum Flower Yijing Calculation with Lorraine Wilcox

6 Hour Course Beginning March 1

The Plum Flower Yìjīng Calculation method is attributed to the Sòng dynasty genius Shào Kāngjié (also known as Shào Yōng). There are many methods of Plum Flower Divination. In this class, we will learn the type that turns the date and time into a hexagram. When something out of the ordinary happens, the time and date are noted, and a calculation can be made. 

The Treatment of Women Through The Great Turnings of Life with East Asian Herbal Medicine

One Year Mentorship starting in January, 2023

This program is the only gynecology and obstetrics training available in the west in which the teachers have a direct lineage connection to both practicing obstetricians and to originally translated source material, written by modern and ancient practicing Chinese gynecologists and obstetricians.

Japanese Abdominal Diagnosis: Fukushin with Kumiko Shirai

10 Online Classes and In-Person Workshop - Begins May 10, 2023

The purpose of this class is to improve practitioners’ clinical skills to diagnose. They will learn to match abdominal findings with herbal prescriptions.