Live Interactive Courses

Deep learning, close guidance and meaningful feedback are what distinguish our Live Interactive Courses. These courses are offered periodically and in some cases with an in-person element.


3 Class / 6 Hour Series
Beginning September 29
  1. Moxa with Long Covid Study
  2. Dermatology Moxa, Eczema, Psoriasis and Skin disease
  3. How to RESET your body using moxa. (Stress/ Sympathetic system)

Tián Hèmíng Yìjīng Pulse System with Dr. Huáng Xuán and Dr. Huáng Miǎo Xīn

12 Hour Online Course
In - Person Workshop

Dr. Huáng Xuán 黃旋 and his son and disciple, Miǎo Xīn 秒心 teach a 12 Hour Online Course and 2 Week in-person workshop sharing the depth of the Tián Hèmíng tradition.

Pulse Diagnosis Seminar with Claus Sørensen

9 Hour Online Seminar - November 1 - 15, 2023

3 Day In-Person Workshop - December 8 - 10, 2023

In the Shen-Hammer pulse tradition Dr Shen formulated a Systems Model. To put it short; it’s about Liu Jing. So we can follow the 6 sweeping motions of Liu Jing on the pulse. We start with palpating what we call the entire pulse, so the entire artery (from cun to chi) is palpated with 3 fingers used as one unit. The entire right side reflects Digestive System, the entire left side reflects Organ System. Dr Shen said that the Digestive System produces the left.

Saam Acupuncture: Clinical Observation and Point Location with Toby Daly

8 Hours Shadowing Toby Daly in Clinic at the White Pine Healing Arts Clinic in Amherst, MA

The medical interview is the practicing physician’s essential tool for developing a diagnosis and establishing rapport with the patient. In this class students will observe the Saam acupuncture tradition’s heart centered approach to the medical interview. These explorations will include observation of guiding principles, techniques, and reliable questions to facilitate this approach. 

Exploring the Emotions: Anger

With Elisabeth Rochat de la Valle

September 15
12 - 1:30 PM EDT
Free to Inner Circle Members
$40 for WPC Members / General Public

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee will explore how emotions are viewed through the classics. Join Elisabeth as she dives into the classics to historical context of the emotions. Elisabeth will discuss how the characters have been translated and how the translations can inform modern thought.

1.5 OM CEUs NCCAOM Provider #278

Mini-Mentorship September 2023

With Sally Rappeport

Three Sessions
Begins 9/11/23

In this 3 week mini-mentorship class, each participants will submit two cases to be discussed in class. We will go through the case carefully in order to come up with a clear diagnosis and formula. 

7.5 Herbal CEUs NCCAOM Provider #278

Japanese Abdominal Diagnosis: Fukushin with Kumiko Shirai

10 Online Classes and In-Person Workshop - Begins August 30, 2023

The purpose of this class is to improve practitioners’ clinical skills to diagnose. They will learn to match abdominal findings with herbal prescriptions.