Saam Observation Skills: Video Cases

Kristin Wisgirda
Kristin Wisgirda

Finally, a class that bridges the gap between online learning and real live clinic! On this call we will be observing patients together. The videos are such high quality- it’s like the patients are sitting right across from you. Toby and Kristin watched these videos together so you will be getting both of their observations.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Saam Acupuncture taught by Toby Daly

Attend Live or Watch the Class as a Recording


  • White Pine Circle Members / General Public: $50
  • Inner Circle / Saam Mentorship Members: $45


Kristin Wisgirda MTOM, L.Ac

Kristin is Toby Daly's teaching assistant for Saam Acupuncture. She was the original moderator for the Saam forum on for 2 years where she helped guide many students through cases and the basics of Saam practice. She has attended or watched 6+ Saam intro courses and all of the other Saam educational offerings. She observed Toby in action in several clinical experiences and has had private mentorship from him. 

She graduated from PCOM San Diego in 1999 and has been practicing in southeastern Massachusetts since. Before Saam, She practiced in the traditions of Kiiko Matsumoto, Wang Ju-Yi, and also received sports medicine acupuncture certification with Matt Callison.

Kristin has been studying with Sharon Weizenbaum for as long as she has been practicing. Currently, she is taking the GMP for the third time. Sharon’s method of seeing elemental/physical physiology and pathology informs Kristin's understanding and practice of Saam. She is interested in continuing to explore the overlaps, while noting where Sharon’s method and Saam seeing differ in terms or orientation.

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