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Ever had a patient who just wouldn’t take their herbs? Maybe they also no-show for appointments, or cancel at the last minute. Yet they’re clearly benefiting from treatment and tell you how much they’re getting out of it! 

Your patient may have ADHD. Long underdiagnosed, poorly understood, ADHD often shows up as challenges with executive function. Emma Magenta is a Life Coach for ADHD women in midlife, and in this class she’ll present the following:

  • An overview of the concept of neurodiversity
  • Specifics about ADHD
  • How you can be a good ally and support for ADHD patients


Emma Magenta is a Life Coach who helps ADHD women fully embrace and nurture their ADHD magic.

Emma studied Medical Anthropology at Bryn Mawr College and acupuncture at the Eastern School of Acupuncture in Montclair NJ. She trained as a coach through the Martha Beck Wayfinder Coaching program and receives ongoing mentorship with Master Coach Natalie Miller. She studies executive functioning through the JST Coaching and Training Neurodiverse Learners program. Emma is certified and credentialed through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Before she was a Life Coach, Emma founded one of the most beloved, successful yoga studios in New Jersey. In her 20-year career teaching yoga and meditation, she wrote three books, facilitated yoga teacher training programs, and taught literally thousands of people to love their bodies and honor their minds and hearts.

Other fun facts: Emma grew up on a sheep farm in Kansas. She loves dogs, long walks in foul weather, Broadway theater, teasing her husband, reading, eating, singing, and resting.

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