Watch Party - Sharon's Introduction to Classical Physiology and Diagnosis - Part 2

White Pine Circle
White Pine Circle

The Zoom meeting will begin at exactly 11am EST, use the password: 

This 9-hour series of lectures is a phenomenal resource for acupuncturists who are new to Sharon Weizenbaum's uniquely nature-oriented approach to Classical Chinese medicine -- and also for those who have studied with her in the past and want a refresher, before taking other White Pine courses such as the Gynecology series or Shang Han Lun classes.  

Claudia Citkovitz

I fall into the latter category, and an awful lot of my friends fall into the former.  So I'm planning to binge-watch these on a couple of Sunday afternoons, 11am-4pm.  We're working with White Pine to set up simultaneous WPC and FB livecast, so we can comment and chat away while watching.  

Please join us for all or part of the show!

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