Geometric Point Patterns, Great Sweeping Motions and Formulas

White Pine Circle
White Pine Circle

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    My teacher Dr Yi Tian Ni, was the first to introduce me to Woman's Health and Gynecology in CM. She was an expert herbalist and acupuncturist. Geometric patterns in acupuncture is just one of her teachings that has has impacted my needling style over the past 22 years. In this class I would like to:

  1. Introduce the 7 main types of patterns, explain their use and give examples
  2. Discuss my thoughts on the parallel of certain geometric patterns with certain Great Sweeping Motions and give formula examples
  3. Describe a case from clinic that incorporates geometrical pattern acupuncture with a matching formula.

I  hope this information will be both clinically useful and thought provoking

Keren Sela L.Ac, MSc

I have been in practice since 1999, focused mainly on all fields of womans heath, supporting and accompanying throughout puberty, the fertile years, pregnancy and menopause. My toolbox includes Master Tung, 5 elmental acupuncture, Sa'am, direct moxa, abdominal palpation and release of reflexes with major Japanese (Kiiko style) point combinations and other techniques I have studied over the years. Minimal number of needles and gentle style, specifically addressing each unique patient at each unique time.

I prefer working with raw herbs that I hold in the clinic and try to convince everyone that raw herbs are best! As part of the treatment, most patients go home with bags of herbs and specipif cooking instructions, straight to the kitchen...This allows for a fined tuned treatment and one that is very easily adjusted to constant modifications as needed. Herbs are an important and primary tool.


  • Women's heath
  • Integration of CM with assisted reproductive techniques
  • Internal Medicine

Keren is a graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and has been in practice since 1999. Keren is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the state of California and a registered NCCAOM practitioner. She specialized in woman's disorders in the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Keren headed and managed in the Unit of Complementary Medicine in the Fertility Research Center of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Hospital for 14 years, Her retrospective study on Chinese Medicine and medicated IUI, research conducted at the hospital, was published in "European Journal of Integrative Medicine".

Keren teaches a yearly post graduate gynecology course, and has a private practice specializing in gynecology and infertility. She frequently lectures in many symposiums both in Israel and abroad.

She is a co – author of the "Clinical Handbook of TCM Gynecology and Obstetrics" (in Hebrew) ,“ Li Shi Zhen’s Pulse Book” (in Hebrew) and has co-written the chapter.

“Slippery Fetus”: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss in Traditional Chinese Medicine published in the second edition of the book “Recurrent Pregnancy Loss - Causes, Controversies, and Treatment Edited by Howard J. A. Carp, MB BS, FRCOG Clinical Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sheba Medical

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